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N.B: We recenty faced some tactical problem thats why the commend box was off.Sorry for that.Now its open for all and Please commend us any type of problem you face like file missing,link broken e.t.c.We Will Try To fixd & Reupload Download Link As Soon As Possible.


Thanks From Madloader Team

639 Responses

  1. MaB1412 says:

    Would You Please upload the CIA file of One Piece Unlimited Red (USA). Thank You. By the way nice collection of Games.

  2. MaB1412 says:

    Thank You… Will Be waiting for the game to be uploaded. πŸ™‚

  3. MaB1412 says:

    Oh WOW!! U people are very fast getting ur work done in an instant Thank You very much and Will keep on downloading as long as You keep on uploading. Awesome work guys!!

  4. ada says:

    Please find a copy of harvest moon lost valley 3ds

  5. SE3 says:

    Hi can you please upload a 3DS emulator because There are heaps of games (and you guys are awesome) but i do not have a emulator to play them

    Many Thanks SE3

  6. RXLUCARIO says:

    Guy’s there are a few things I want to request, take your time to upload it! I love your site, got many 3DS games from you!

    Havest Moon Lost Valey – All dlc (find it but is us$30 to download) and last update .cia
    Majoras Mask last update .cia
    Shovel Knight last update .cia
    Harvest Moon – A New Beggining – the whole game .cia

    If you upload this I would be seriously and everly happy!

  7. RXLUCARIO says:

    Can you please upload Harvest Moon A New Begining in CIA? Thank you all!

  8. MaB14 says:

    The links to the cia file of alpha sapphire and omega ruby are not working would you guys please fix it trying to download that game. Thanks

  9. MaB14 says:

    The link to Omega Ruby is still broken….

  10. Rai says:

    I want to request SAMURAI WARRIOR CHRONICLES 3 3DS EUROPE/USA.Thank you

  11. jisan says:

    super wabsite.awsame games.i downloaded all android games.ty sohel vai and madloader.

  12. Babu JP says:

    Nyce Website .
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  13. Mayank Kashyap says:

    please upload nintendo 3ds emulator for pc

  14. RAHUL says:


  15. David says:

    Hi πŸ˜€

    Would You Please upload the game of 3ds FIFA 15 USA pleaseeeeeeee. Thank You. By the way nice collection of Games xD.

  16. RCubed says:

    Can You Upload Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX for 3DS?

  17. jeff says:

    whats thr password

  18. alexander says:

    Hi Mad loader, can you upload Naruto powerful shippiden in CIA format ? And Kamen rider traveler senki in CIA format too.

  19. D Bright says:

    Hey, I need help with what to do with the rooms after you download them. How would I put them on my sd card directly? Or would i have to get a flashcard thing?

  20. D says:

    What are the differences between each of the files? (cia, eShop, ect.)

  21. D Bright says:

    So which type of file would i use if i wanted to load them on my Sky3DS?

  22. Jonathan Willoughby says:

    can you request me a legend of zelda majora’s mask 3d file with a download link for me?

  23. alexander says:

    Helo madloader, can please upload dragonball extreme butoden english version As soon as possible. And can you please upload it through google drive , so then i can download it from there.

  24. meeeee says:

    hey can you PLEASE upload sims 4 or 3 as soon as possible <3

  25. Hey sir does it work for ios

  26. What does the cia mean for 3ds

  27. I need to have 3ds to play this gamse

  28. alexnadress says:

    Hi Madloader,Can you please reupload pokemon Y again ? Because the file is unavailable when I to download it.

  29. Mira Sauce says:

    Please, would you upload the cia file of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS, with update or dlc (if available). Thank you for your efforts, keep the good work, really love this site.

  30. mira says:

    Also would you please upload the DLC of one piece unlimited world red region EU.
    and i’m sorry for requesting two at once. Thanks.

  31. wirantoni says:

    game kuroko no basktball 3ds please

  32. jeyrome says:

    I like the game

  33. Cody Baker says:

    luigis mansion, bravely default, and bravely second please

  34. Xandre says:

    Helo madloader, the pokemon Y and X Super mario world 2 cannot being download. Please reupload again. Thank you. And How do you apply the game update ?

  35. salvator says:

    please add in monster hunter 4 ultimate plz do thank u :>

  36. Anna Charles says:

    Pls can u post Tomodachi Life for 3DS??? Thx Bye!!

  37. Jazz says:

    Can I please get Pokemon omega ruby ? please

  38. eren228 says:

    How do you play it

  39. Prime says:

    Hello madloader,
    Would you upload the cia file of Animal crossing happy home desinger update data? (JP, EN)
    Always thank you! πŸ˜€

  40. Yato says:

    Senran kagura 2,steamworld,bravely default. Could you please upload it in CIA format. Super mario bros 2 (cia) could not be download,could you please fix it. Thanks

  41. Purwanto says:

    [3ds][Yo-kai Watch][US/EU]
    Thank’s before….

  42. Sheena says:

    Can you Please upload Moco Moco Friends (3ds) usa. Game will be released tommorow!! Can’t wait to play it! Please upload soon thank you

  43. Vitalij says:

    The bainding of isaac rebirth

  44. Mankini says:

    i’ve downloaded the game legend of zelda ocarina of time on my pc but how do I put it on my 3d?

  45. Bishamon says:

    Greetings Madloader, Can you please upload Senran Kagura 2 deep crimson in CIA format. Thanks in advance.

  46. Izcondor says:

    Super Mario world 2 cant be download. Plz Fix It. Thanks.

  47. IhrKenntMich says:

    How i play the games on my 2DS?

  48. klas says:

    Please fix the link to New Super Mario Bros

  49. hanif says:

    I hope i can get some games

  50. Izcondor says:

    Super street fighter CIA could be download. Please fix it. Thanks.

  51. Izcondor says:

    Update link for super smash bros and monster hunter 4 could not be download.

  52. izcondor says:

    Hey madloader, LbX (CIA) cannot be downloaded. Could you please fix it.

  53. new super mario bros 2 says:

    these is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo! cooooooooooooooooooooooool!

  54. thesis aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsssssssssssssoooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeee

  55. Haloisme says:

    Can I have Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer USA (3DS)? Thank you!

  56. FrazledFish says:

    Hi could you add Terraria please?

  57. Dave says:

    Hello, would it be possible to reupload The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for 3ds (not the .cia version)?
    The current links on page are no longer valid or working. Thank you so very much in advance

  58. Mark says:

    Can you upload CIA format of pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity? thanks love your site btw.

  59. Mark says:

    Could you please add pokemon gates to infinity thank you!

  60. Bray says:

    Could someone tell me how to get super Mario 3d land onto my 3ds??!!

  61. Omar says:

    Can you send to my email inazuma eleven 3 ogre attacks (nds) (USA) and A 3DS emulator

  62. akame says:

    could you tell me how to get
    Monster Hunter X 1.1 UPDATE (3DS CIA)

  63. Wanna lot o games says:

    Can you upload:
    Mario and Luigi Bowsers inside story
    Mario and Luigi partners in time
    Both of these games are for dsi.
    Plz upload these ASAP

  64. Genji says:

    i need game One piece super gigand battle X.cia
    please admin upload this game :'( thanks you very much

  65. kranz says:

    hope you can add fire emblem awakening dlc ^_^

  66. I want mario kart 7 please

  67. Can You Request On A Game Called Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion For The Nintendo 3DS? Link To Picture Will Be Here:

    If You Have Any Chance To Get This Game Email Me? Thanks!

  68. karl bischof says:

    can u pls get fire emblem awakening, a link between worlds, and kid Icarus uprising …pleeeeeese and thank u

  69. Karl Bischof says:

    Can u pls get fire emblem awakening, a link between worlds, and kid Icarus uprising …pleeeeeese and thank u very much.

  70. Denison says:

    Can you psot USA Cias por the two Senran Kagura games, Sayonara Umihara Kawase, eshop game Airport Hero? please

  71. gutty-boy says:

    hello,i was wanted to know if you can post Super Smash Bros 3ds with the lates update and dlc please,and thanks alot for all the great games

  72. gutty-boy says:

    hello,is it posible for you to post dragon ball z extreme butoden but the japanese version with the update for online multiplayer please,and just want to say thanks for the great games.

  73. pleeeese says:

    Hello. Can you pls get Animal Crossing – New Leaf patched KOR? I really need it. thx for sharing.

  74. cameron9graham says:

    hello could you please upload Tomodachi Life eur or usa cia files please

  75. abgar says:

    thank you very much

  76. 3djustice says:

    can you fix the 3ds dropdown menu? it just leads to dead links.

  77. Daneek says:

    New super mario bros 2 gold edition please

  78. PaPa Sai says:

    Hi can please upload metal gear solid 3d cia ,thanks for the great site u doing an amazing job

  79. Gutty-Boy says:

    hello,can you please pretty please upload Gundam The 3d Battle cia region free please,and thank you so much for so many great games

  80. John says:

    links for super smash bros for 3ds not working, sends me to ads, please help

  81. Clover says:

    Hi, there. I have looked everywhere for the Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 for DS. It’s a very old game. I do see the Lego Harry Potter years 5-7, but I would love you forever if you made the first Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 available. Thank you for reading this request.

  82. lilwolf says:

    can I really play on my 3ds not on the pc

  83. Amelie says:

    HHi, can i ask a question here? What is a CIA Game? can i put this games in my 3DS??

  84. EMILE says:

    Can u please get Shingeki no Kyojin – Jinrui Saigo no Tsubasa CHAIN . I cant find it in any website

  85. Kyrus says:

    Please upload a legit super smash bros

  86. Emeth says:

    could you upload harvest moon the lost valley [usa] all dlc cia?
    i search that and never been found any until now.
    if you could, pls upload it. thanks before.

  87. michael richey says:

    how do you put the games on a 3ds

  88. osajoixajsoi says:

    Can you upload morrowind plz.

  89. Death the Kid says:

    Can you upload the Attack on Titan 3DS game, Haikyu!! 3DS game, the Kuroko no Basket 3DS game?

  90. Death the Kid says:

    Can you upload the Attack on Titan 3DS game, Haikyu!! 3DS game, the Kuroko no Basket 3DS game?
    Thank you!

  91. hudson says:

    how do i put it on my 3DS

  92. Zane says:

    I want pokemon omeag ruby or aphau sahpire plz

  93. Leviathen Avies says:

    Can u guys upload Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate US version plssss?

  94. WF says:

    Could you get a copy of the new zelda triforce heroes patch?

  95. Will says:

    Can you please upload the 2.1 patch for TriForce Heroes (3DS)

  96. Jp says:

    Can you please upload Mount & Blade: Warband on android plss check it out thank you in advance

  97. BlueRogue says:

    Please upload the cia of Chibi Robo Photo Finder.

  98. BlueRogue says:

    Please uploade the cia of Chibi Robo Photo Finder.

  99. henk says:

    pokemon diamond plz

  100. Dainius says:

    I woud like dowload pokemon X

  101. wind says:

    can you guys upload Corpse Party Blood covered: Repeated fear. (JPN) Thank you !

  102. wind says:

    would you guys upload Corpse Party Blood covered: …Repeated fear (JPN) 3DS, Thanks

  103. wind says:

    would you guys upload Corpse Party Blood covered: …Repeated fear (JPN) (CIA File), Thanks

  104. blast says:

    Rhythm Heaven for 3ds cia Could you give me? plz..!

  105. JayJay says:

    I would like to request LBX Little Battlers eXperience to the USA

  106. Pokemon X says:

    Please get this game thank you

  107. Pokemon X & Y says:

    Please Give me Pokemon X & Y thank you

  108. Hey I would like pokemon red thank you

  109. link says:

    please give 3ds games link to other link beside MEGA. filecloud is fine.

  110. Theo says:

    please would you add another link for all 3ds games here beside MEGA. filecloud is fine.

  111. PaPa Sai says:

    Please upload Azure Strike: Gunvolt 3ds CIA please

  112. antho432 says:

    i really want you to add tomodachi life

  113. Dew says:

    Hey guys. Is there a chance that the dlc packs of Hyrule Warriors Legends is gonna come out anytime soon, and if yes, are you guys posting it? Thanks!

  114. can you email me a not used mario cart 7 plz

  115. jake adams says:

    hi I saw your video on youtube but I don’t know how to download it

  116. arielle says:

    Would You Please upload the CIA file of inazuma eleven SHADOW (EU). Thank You. By the way nice collection of Games.

  117. ARIELLE says:

    I REALLY WANT YOU TO ADD Inazuma Eleven Everday”

  118. samrath.gali says:

    please please please please please please make a videos on how to install games on Ps Vita ,
    please please get us the Ps Vita Games Please Please..
    thax Q
    your bro

  119. please please get Ps Vita Games Please please

  120. Can u please upload cardfight!!Vanguard ride to victory as it is a game only in japan and i cannot get it where i live

  121. gabriel says:

    can you please upload tomodachi life

  122. StereoSi says:

    Hey, great site! is there any chance that you can source the US Eshop version of “Airport Hero / I am an Air Traffic Controller”. I can’t find it anywhere online. I’m in the UK and it was never released on the EUR Eshop for some reason >:|

  123. james says:

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf (JP) cia

  124. james says:

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf (JP) (REGION FREE) .cia

  125. Rylucard says:

    Can you upload a pokemon art academy CIA and attack on titan CIA? Thanks in advance and great website by the way, everywhere else I’ve visted was just bs but this is is true keep up the good work!!

  126. Shini says:

    hey there iΒ΄m looking for a EUR version of Omega Ruby.
    pls help me

  127. GamerBros. says:

    Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    Nintendo 3DS

  128. nasir says:

    I need naruto powerful shippuden it’s awesome

  129. Tempus Nagai says:

    Please upload Bravely Default Second Layer USA , CIA
    For Nintendo 3ds please

  130. Clowns says:

    can you uploud on pls, take ur time to look

  131. Fishy says:

    Could you add Tomodachi Life?

  132. Rajesh says:

  133. Rajesh says:

  134. samwise says:

    can you please upload the japanese version of animal crossing: new leaf (tobidase doubutsu no mori)

  135. rendi says:

    please can i request kamen rider ghost game de kaigan japan

  136. rendi says:

    kamen rider ghost game de kaigan

  137. Gameseeker says:

    Could I please request Hoshi no Kirby Robobo Planet (the japanese version of Kirby: Robobot Planet)? Also is there anyway I can help the madloader team?

  138. Fendy Marvell von Einzbern says:

    rune factory 4 3ds please, not within the cia format

  139. rendi ar says:

    kamen rider ghost game de kaigan 3ds

  140. rendi ar says:

    kamen rider ghost game de kaigan 3ds

  141. kililp says:

    How do i download it and install it on my 3ds ??

  142. Abdul Rehman says:

    I cliked download on Tomodachi life but it was not downloading. Plz fix it

  143. pedro says:

    kamen rider ghost 3ds please

  144. pedro says:

    Kamen Rider Ghost: Game de Kaigan. cia eshop please

  145. tristan says:

    were do you put the game for 3ds on your sd card

  146. mac says:

    Please give me monster hunter cross update cia
    1.1 update is not new version

  147. haziq says:

    pleasa give me inazuma eleven go 3ds game.

  148. Justin14p says:

    Would you upload the CIA version of Retro City Rampage DX for 3DS, please?

  149. Diamondfire250 says:

    Please find a copy of super metroid, thank you mad loader. BTW, i liked your vid on youtube

  150. Please find a copy of super metroid, thank you

  151. ConradChee says:

    3DS MonsterStrike

    Erm…Another request can you upload all the game to…

    Cause the link you put is too many ads,my laptop always hang and force stop..I dont mind you put more ads link such as but seriously dont use the download link you using now.Now still havent download 1 game cause that stupid ads website(Also I live in Malaysia too many ads not going well with Malaysia intenet speed

    Thanks if you hear my suggest.Cause if you use I can download games with them download manager,mirrorcreator also good for creating no limit download.You can try it too

  152. Hamoodi says:

    Can U show instructions how to download the games

  153. Max says:

    can you please upload the CIA for SteamWorld Heist (USA version ). thanx

  154. fandhi primardiono says:

    can you upload cia for super robot wars ux or super robot wars bx (Jpn Version) ?? thanks πŸ™‚

  155. Notgod15 says:

    Can you upload fire emblem awakening dlc for EU region

  156. Notgod15 says:

    in cia file

  157. mario says:

    would u please upload mario and luigy dream to cia its only leigt cia

  158. Waerlym says:

    Where do i add the game in the nintendo micro sd card!

  159. safin says:

    fix every game its not working!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Madloader should add Mario and Luigi partners in time

  161. Javier says:

    I would like to request the Ace Attorney Dual Destinies for the 3DS.

  162. Robert says:

    i would like to get terraria

  163. Edwin says:

    i would like to get FIFA 13 3DS CIA Download

  164. jake says:

    When i extract the .rar file i dont get the 3ds file ( was told to do this to play games on the sd card

  165. y2k890 says:

    Apps or Games Name: One Piece: Romance Dawn

    Which Platform: 3ds

  166. Terry says:

    Could I request The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes USA decrypted rom, please…?

  167. Terry Tan says:

    Could you please upload The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D?

    Platform: Nintendo 3DS
    Rom type: USA decrypted rom

  168. Terry Tan says:

    Could you upload The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes?

    Platform: Nintendo 3DS
    Rom type: USA decrypted rom

  169. Chakx says:

    How i get a rar.Password for Fire Emblem Fates Birthright on 3DS?

  170. Justin14p says:

    Could you upload Sssnakes and Ulitimade NES Remix, please?
    Platform: Nintendo 3DS
    Rom type: EUR CIA

  171. yoyo says:

    are all these files encrypted?

  172. ashish says:

    could u pls send me or upload pokemon 3d games.
    And pls inform me when u do so at my email.

  173. Ali says:

    could I request Mario Party Game

  174. Victor says:

    Could you please upload Kirby Planet Robobot (3DS), English version? Many thanks!

  175. Muneef says:

    How to download these games

  176. Raul ortiz says:

    Can you please post more toku games for 3ds? Like kamen rider travelers senki, also thanks to you’re service you’re the only site that had that game.

    Hopefully lost heroes or the super sentai game, or the kamen rider ghost game that came out in Japan

  177. qwe says:

    how to download games for nintendo ds?

  178. kaifer101 says:

    could you please upload super mario 3d land pls

  179. gener says:

    how do i install 3ds games on 3ds without flastcart. please tell me

  180. Mehul says:

    hi i need super smash bros fot 3ds

  181. marie says:

    hi im from korea can i get the game her

  182. kaifer101 says:

    in which folder do i put the game? is there a tutorial?help pls

  183. eselkomed says:

    Thank You πŸ™‚

  184. IamPotado says:

    It would be Nice if you could add Toy Stunt Bike it looks like an awesome Game

  185. AntagonistHero says:

    Will the ML team release Monster Hunter Gen (USA) on release date? You guys are amazing !

  186. Joey says:

    would you be releasing 7th Dragon III Code: VFD that was released July 12?

  187. Sam says:

    Could you please upload various Picross games. They are from the Eshop. Please upload in CIA format for the 3DS. Thank you so much

  188. riven says:

    why iam cannot download gta v

  189. riven says:

    why i cannot install gta v

  190. fleeing says:

    7 th dragon dlc cia usa its free it be great if you can up it in cia format time thanks first time user

  191. allen says:

    link please

  192. PJ Flores says:

    Could you please upload the decrypted rom version of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance? I’m having trouble running other types of the game in Citra. There are ways to decrypt the games but I’m also having trouble doing that. I will appreciate your response. Thanks in advance.

  193. rainrain says:

    please upload Scribblenauts Unlimited’s cia and Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure’s cia.

  194. Ameer says:

    I would like to know how to download monster hunter generations and if you could please send me some steps on how to do so please im new to this site

  195. christian says:

    Please help me how yo download nintendto 3ds games how?

  196. Sapphire says:

    Awesome site! If you could please upload all the currently released DLC for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (USA) in .cia format, that would be great.

  197. BlackCash says:

    Hey, I copied the 3ds game I downloaded on to my sd card but I can t see it on my 3ds, and I made sure that its not CIA or anything. So how can I play the game (smashbros 3 parts)

  198. FrankuSenpai says:

    Please add Android game, PewDiePie: The Legend of The Brofist. Thanks.

  199. MCMooHyun says:

    Please add Animal Crossing New Leaf korean version…. this file is invisible.

  200. mark says:

    nice downloading web πŸ˜€

  201. When I try to download 3ds games files or CIAs, the download button doesn’t click, I don’t know what to do and there is only one download tutorial online.

  202. uutim says:

    Hi Madloader,
    I wanted to download a 3ds game but it doesn’t work, probably i did something wrong and i don’t what.I’m a total beginner at this so I don’t understand much.
    Could you please make kind of a tutorial for beginners where you explain words like CIA and what they actually mean and when you have to use the CIA and when the normal. You may explain this on an example.
    I would be deeple grateful because for a bloody beginner like me it’s sometimes hard to understand what I must do.

  203. Abdelrahman says:

    please add watch dogs in the pc games

  204. Gautam says:

    I downloaded the game…i also unrar it and copied the game on my 3ds xl… After I insect the sd card how do I locate the game……

    It does not show me any where

  205. Could you possibly & Please upload all the downtown nekketsu 3ds games?!
    I’ve been looking for everyone single one of those, that is currently released but in a
    .3DS format.

    Would greatly appreciate it.

  206. 52 Will Like 4500000000,000000 Will Most Like And Most Of It There Are 45 Kilo

  207. Toxicschock says:

    Can you please upload a decrypted rom from monster hunter generations ? πŸ™‚ that were be very nice πŸ˜‰

  208. ZeRiion says:

    Can you please upload a decrypted rom from monster hunter generations?

  209. angelo says:

    the part 2 of pokemon omega ruby when I extract it ,It said wrong password data error wrong password can you fix it for me πŸ˜€

  210. Turab says:

    Hey ! great work got my pokemon x roms ok , still i am unable to find a proper 3ds emulator would you be kind enough to help with that.

    • Moorboor says:

      yep! same problem got pokemon super mystery dungeon but coudnt play either with citra i guess 3dz and 3ds are different typs it has caused

  211. Aryan Verma says:

    Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

  212. william says:

    hi i saw your video and can you download legend of zelda tricforce heroes please i want to play with other people

  213. majed says:


    i am new in nintendo and i bought 3ds and the software is 11.0.0-33E now i download a game but i don’t know how to install it. please help me.

  214. bob says:

    sonic colors

  215. Ivan says:

    Can i have the code or this thing for the games…. For the Omega Ruby or For Super Mario Bros 2

  216. Kriss says:


    please can you effort “Pokemon” Yellow, Red and Blue (.3ds) file USA.ver

    Thank you =)

  217. okomarok says:


    Hi, can you please upload the pc game Proteus .. thank you !!

  218. andre says:

    how can I download Mario cart 7

  219. Rahul kirtaniya says:

    I want to download pokemon x version

  220. I want to download pokemon x 3ds

  221. Henrique M says:


    Any of the Dragon Quest Cia’s for 3ds?

  222. Nunya Business says:

    Could you try to get Pokemon Rumble World? Thanks!

  223. Darkvortex says:

    Super smash bros usa legit cia plzz?

  224. dvb says:

    Could you please add super smash bros 4 legit cia? please

  225. Echo says:

    Please add Gundam 3d battle

  226. ALi says:

    Plzzzzz upload citra emulator for 3ds

  227. ZAIN says:

    Please sir upload 3ds emulator citra for pokemon

  228. manda says:

    Could you upload Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice CIA for 3ds? thanks! =)

  229. RaiJin says:

    Can you guys upload Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls with the free voice dlc if possible

  230. seraksixx says:

    please upload michael jackson.vpk…thanks somuch

  231. Sean says:

    How do i install and use devmenu. Would be very helpful

  232. michael says:


  233. Eli says:

    Could you get The Legend of zelda ocarina of time 3d Legit cia please?

  234. marjohn says:

    Emulator 3ds for android please

  235. Juan says:

    can you upload ace attorney Spirit of justice eur dlc, thanks

  236. joel says:

    madloader ur the best site i ever discover for the vpk games for psvita ur the best guys keep working and help other people to enjoy More power ang god bless keep uploading psvita game….

    hope more vita games will upload soon…….

  237. Baker says:


    Could you please upload

    The following VPK:

    Histune Miku Project DIVA X ENGLISH USA
    Final Fantasy X USA
    Yakuza 0 Vita APP JPN (its on the japanese playstore)

    get back to me thanks!

  238. A.K says:

    i want to get pokemon x

  239. minish link says:

    hey madloader can u upload metal gear solid 3d (3DS cia)

  240. PLEASE upload River City: Tokyo Rumble for 3ds. In .3ds format. <3

  241. jack says:

    attack on titan (3ds file) thank you.

  242. verdy says:

    Can you upload kenka bancho 6 religion free cia, please?

  243. Losini says:

    I want the game pokemon omega ruby how can i get it on my 3ds

  244. Sapphire says:

    Can you upload the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (USA) DLC in .cia format please?

  245. dandre says:

    how do you upload this to your nintendo

  246. adadad says:

    can you give me the rar password for harvest moon 3d lost valley CIA? please need it asap

  247. oliver says:

    can i please have pokemon omega ruby this will make me the happist person alive

  248. Dampia Lida says:

    somebody pls help. i just bought a new nintendo 3ds xl and i dnt know how to homebrew or bigblue or to install the game in the sd car.can some one please guide me through.

  249. Dampia Lida says:

    help somebody. i just bought a new nentendo 3ds xl and i know nothing. but i want my system to home-brew or bigblue. but i dnt know any thing. where to paste game in the sd card and how to find it.please someone guide me through..

  250. krazy says:

    please give me animal crossing new leaf

  251. Romel says:

    Please put the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo

  252. Jester says:

    Hello Madloader!

    Thank you so much for the games you uploaded

  253. rk says:

    pless add 3DS DECRYPTED Roms

  254. Evan says:

    plz add Order Up!! And Cubic ninja for no cia or homebrew just 3ds games

  255. Reggy says:

    Pokemon bank and pokemon transporter please

  256. Bro says:

    Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse 3ds decrypted please

  257. Jake says:

    Hi can you please add the latest animal crossing new leaf 1.4 amiibo welcome update? In Cia if you can, thank u very much! 3ds console

  258. Zen says:

    Can I request for Sword Art Online series for PS Vita. Thanks πŸ˜€

  259. Kiri-jolith says:

    Pokemon Sun or Moon clean .3ds dump please!

  260. Jayson says:

    Hi Madloader!
    can you uploaded bomberman or tekken6 game vpk format for ps vita.


  261. Cassiano says:

    Please upload Pokemon Moon legit cia Thanks for reading

  262. Terry Tan says:

    Can you upload Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, please? 😒

  263. John says:

    Pokemon sun or mon please!!

  264. John says:

    Pokemon Sun or Moon .3ds

  265. Sicma says:

    Hi. Can you please upload Beyblade Burst (3ds). Maybe it’s too soon, it came out recently, but thanks anyhow.

  266. Po-Ting Lin says:

    Hi, can you decrypt and upload Mario Party: Star Rush?

  267. Noel says:

    please give upload 7th Dragon III Code VFD [USA] DLC CIA. Tahnks.

  268. Niel says:

    Can you upload Pokemon Sun and Moon CIA please? :c

  269. Nel says:

    Can you upload Pokemon Sun and Moon CIA? Please, and thank you c:

  270. hamza says:

    would ypu please upload decrypted pokemon y or y citra rom

  271. Sunday says:

    Animal Crossing New Leaf Amiibo Update 1.4 please? Thanks

  272. prem says:

    can we download these games and play them on our nintendo 3ds console

  273. Xione says:

    Can you Upload Decrypted Rune factory 4 (3ds) Please, appreciate it alot.

  274. June says:

    Dragon ball fusions (USA) Decrypted. I appreciate it.

  275. Mehdi says:

    Hi, can you upload pokemon sun and pokemon moon legit cia. Thanks a lot.

  276. Randolf says:

    Can you upload Mario Party Star Rush US version.

  277. Lincoln says:


  278. tyler says:

    the rar password isn’t working for me

  279. K-King says:

    Please Pokemon Moon, I prefer this one over sun, Madloader.

  280. Anton says:

    HI GUYS requesting for
    KORG DSN-12 (dumped rom) ((.3ds)) which will work with sky3ds all i found is bad ones πŸ™
    For 3ds

  281. MCRoh says:

    Would You Please upload the CIA file of animal crossing new leaf korean ver? Thank You. By the way nice collection of Games.

  282. Urius says:

    PLease add pokemon Sun

  283. Valentino says:

    Can you please upload Pokemon Star Sapphire or Rutile Ruby? The Hacked version of Alpha and Omega Version..

  284. BLHNOZ says:

    Can you please upload Helldivers VPK file for the PS VITA if you have the chance?

  285. TarTarus says:

    can add more 3DS decrypted roms? plz

  286. Denahi Tristan says:

    Hello.Im A Gamer And I Was Hoping If You Could Kindly Send Me Super Mario 3D Land For The 3DS. I Want It Because Im New To The 3D Gaming And Wanted To Try It Out With This Game But It Wast To Expensive. Thank You

  287. Gun says:

    Pls add more ps vita games like DJ MAX TECHNIKA TUNE & SUPERBEAT XONIC. And pls re-upload most vita games especially the openload ones. Thank you.

  288. LightKiller22 says:

    do u have 3ds games that are region aus or eur

  289. HeinMinThant says:

    Hey guys can you upload the cia for Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies? Can’t find it anywhere.

  290. GameDAWKZ says:

    Please upload Super Mario Maker legit cia

  291. GameDAWKZ says:

    Fieldrunners or Legends of Exidia legit cia

  292. ritik parihar says:

    pokemon moon 3ds

  293. Mohith says:

    how about pokemon sun

  294. jajaa says:

    can you upload legend of zelda majoras mask, monster hunter 4g korean language please

  295. Nameless says:

    Hey! I would like to request the decrypted version of ”Bravely Default” for Nintendo 3ds so I can try it on the ”Citra” emulator! or ”Dragon Quest Vll: The Journey of the Cursed King”, because I can’t seem to find them anywhere, and I tried a bunch! A lot of thanks beforehand, it would be much appreciated!

  296. justsomeone says:

    please upload stella glow decryted version

  297. Please fix the links for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New 3DS)

  298. baha says:

    can you upload nintendo eur 3ds games

  299. kunal says:

    can you upload a decrypted version of Pokemon: Super mystery Dungeon so that it works on Citra

    i checked the website but could not find the decrypted version.


  300. T says:

    Please upload a decrypted 3DS ROM of Digimon Universe Appli Monsters.

  301. Doctor Strange says:

    Thanks a lot for all of your games!
    I would like to request the ff PS VITA games added in your site pls! Thank you in advance:

  302. Nathaniel says:

    Upload Yo Kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits (Decrypted for Citra) Thanks!

  303. Minxxe says:

    Hey, can you Upload a Legit CIA of Super Mario Maker (Eur) would be great! πŸ˜€

  304. Ethan says:

    Could you please upload a Sonic Generations Legit CIA for USA (3ds)

  305. Ethan Jackson says:

    Hello, could you possibly post a Sonic G generations 3DS legit cia for US ? Thank you!

  306. Ethan Jackson says:

    Can you please upload a legit Cia for Sonic Generations 3ds (USA) ? Thank you!

  307. River says:

    Please upload the DLC and updates for Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack, Project X Zone 2, Shovel Knight, Pokemon Sun… Thanks!

  308. saleem says:

    hello can you uplode (Stella Glow.3ds) for sky3ds plus

  309. Xavier says:

    Could You Update Pokemon Sun and Moon Ver 1.1 ? Thanks

  310. craig says:

    i want 3d pokemon

  311. Z says:

    can you please upload LEGIT super smash bros USA .cia and LEGIT terraria please.its for 3ds

  312. z says:

    can you upload the LEGIT version of

    super smash bros.cia

    for the 3ds.if so,thank you

  313. Skipper says:

    Hi guys! Thanks for the games. You the real mvp guys.
    Can you please upload Stella Glow 3DS Decrypted Rom for Citra?
    Thanks!!! Keep up the good work.

  314. shane says:

    amazing and totaly ligeit

  315. Jallaman says:

    3ds – super mario maker – EUR – 3ds.file

  316. Zeref Dragneel says:

    Please post the game : Tomodachi Life Legit CIA (USA)

  317. Oscar says:

    Could you guys please post the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition?
    Please i would be so thankful, me and my friends are dying to try this coop game at school πŸ™

  318. Hoshi says:

    Apps or Games Name: Kid Icarus: Uprising Online Patched (3DS CIA)

    Which Platform: 3DS

    Reupload, thank you

  319. MO35AB says:

    3ds CIA

    no where to be found across all the web :'(

  320. Fareez mir says:

    Really want a Fire emblem fates special edition Legit CIA file! Pls?

  321. Kevin says:

    My request of Legit CIAs in USA region:

    Cave Story 3D
    Luigi’s Mansion 2
    Kirby Triple Deluxe
    Kirby Planet Robobot
    Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
    and Super Mario Maker

  322. ahmad says:

    my favorite game Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS (3DS)

  323. Itzuko says:

    Please Upload Fantasy Life for Europe (3DS CIA), Thanks,

  324. Itzuko says:

    Please Upload “New Style Boutique 2” for Europe (3DS,CIA)

  325. Itzuko says:

    Please post the game : Fantasy Life CIA (EUR) & New Style Boutique CIA (EUR)

  326. Tuiridh says:

    Amazing site! Any chance of a US version of Heroes of Ruin and Need for Speed: The Run with the Online Patch? Thanks a lot!

  327. pokeball122 says:

    hay! could you PLEASE upload a Pokemon sun or moon randomized .CIA please. iv tried to randomize it myself but didn’t work.

  328. pokeball125 says:

    can you upload a Pokemon sun or moon randomized .CIA please

  329. Gourav Roy says:

    please update a 3ds emulator for android with bios and install instruction.
    Please do this soon.

  330. EliteGaming says:

    Please tell how to download these games on a new 3ds xl

  331. Jornas says:

    Add LEGO City Undercover for 3ds. Legit CIA and europa or region free

  332. deathmettal says:

    Dragon Quest VIII: Die Reise des verwunschenen KΓΆnigs EUR 3DS Decrypted please

  333. jayce says:

    Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure

  334. i would liketo get super mario maker free right now

  335. ItsFalloutz says:

    Can we please get an Online Patched Super Mario Maker for EUR?

  336. Jane says:

    Hi, could you please upload Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns (JPN) decrypted for Citra?

  337. dabum99 says:

    pokemon sun region free (3ds CIA) Files are corrupt.
    Please upload pokemon sun cia file

  338. Jimmy Traylor says:

    hi request Please I
    Super Smash Bros For 3ds with the Lastest Update and dlc decrypt
    The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3d with 1.1 patch decrypt
    The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heros With patch decrypt
    poochy & yoshi’s woolly world decrypt with patch


  339. EzioMy says:

    Can you upload Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney HD Trilogy (USA) for 3DS

  340. asdfer says:

    Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D (KOR) (CIA) plz,
    + all of legend of zelda series (KOR) (CIA) want it

  341. eljhun says:

    what is the password

  342. Apocryphos says:


    Firstly, I like to thank you for all the uploads you guys have done so far. It really helped me a lot. πŸ™‚

    I was just wondering if you can upload Sonic Generations for the 3DS. Thank you.

  343. Apocryphos says:

    Hey if also possible to get NES Remix. Thanks again

  344. zidane says:

    Can you please upload tokyo mirage sessions with update, DLC and uncensored patch USA?

  345. Striker_One says:

    Great work you’re doing!;-)
    it would be nice if you could encrypt the game LBX:Little Battlers eXperience cos citra doesen’t load it
    thanks a bunch

  346. Good game mario run 3d island

  347. Subzero says:

    Hello mad loader can you post
    Story of Season : A trio of towns [ENG]
    its official release date will be on febuary 28 2017 i hope you post it early thankyou.

  348. super genie elio rose slayer says:

    how can I find shantae & the pirates curse rar password

  349. Dant says:

    could we please have these links with mega????

  350. Glacielle says:

    Could you upload Unchained Blades for 3DS? Thanks in advance

  351. Dave says:

    id appreciate it if you could give us CIA copy of Professor layton VS. Phoenix wright, thank you very much! keep doing what youre doing!

  352. Terry says:

    Madloader, can you upload Hyrule Warriors (USA) decrypted rom, please? πŸ˜€

  353. Zeref says:

    Would You Please upload the Legit CIA file of Terraria (US). Thank You, and thanks for the rest of the good games!

  354. Rick says:

    Could you upload “Project X Zone 2” as a regular .3ds file USA region?
    Project X Zone 2
    xxxx.3ds (not patched) (not xxx.cia)

  355. Octavia Melody says:

    Please upload a decrypted 3DS ROM of Digimon Universe Appli Monsters.

  356. Rick says:

    Mario vs Donkey Kong – Tipping Stars USA (Retail version) (NOT eshop)

  357. eljose says:

    could you upload MASTER BLASTER ZERO .3ds decrypted rom for citra please ? πŸ˜€ thanks in advance

  358. Benedict says:

    I will Mario Sport Superstar download , but it doesnΒ΄t work . Can you help me ?

  359. Future Card says:

    Future Card Buddyfight Mezase! Buddy Champion! Please!

  360. OrkanZA says:

    looking for castlevania LOS 3ds cia
    thanks for all the help

  361. Mimimax says:

    Mario Sports Superstars (USA) with online patch

  362. Adrian Andrade says:

    Hello, can you please add this game??
    “Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains”

  363. Trung says:

    Would You Please upload the CIA file of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (USA). Thank You Very Much!

  364. Unni says:

    Madloader what is the password of the zip of pokemon omega ruby 3ds decrypted.pls tell me.i cant find it..pls

  365. Unni says:

    Madloader reply fast ok …pls
    Password for pokemon omega ruby 3ds decrypted
    ☺thanks in advance

    • Mad Loader says:

      Get WinRAR ,Hear (if you dont have),and you have to download all the part of the game first and put them in one folder then right click on the first part,
      the number 1,2 or 3, and click ” Extrack here”. Now, it should pack them together.

  366. Mimimax says:

    Please, Legit Cia Mario Sports Superstars (U) with online patch!

  367. Exterian says:

    Um, can you try to find a CIA file of : Zero Escape : Virtue’s Last Reward USA (for 3ds)
    and a virtual console CIA file (3ds) of Earthbound USA?

  368. Exterian says:

    (FOR 3ds) Can you find a CIA file of : Zero Escape : Virtue’s Last Reward and a Virtual Console CIA file of Earthbound? (all USA please)

  369. Daniel says:

    Hi! Could you please upload 7th Dragoon 2020? (decrypted 3ds)

  370. dragonichaven says:

    Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia cia

  371. shark says:

    could you get decrypted monster hunter 4 ultimate or decrypted monster hunter generations that will be sweet

  372. MrShark says:

    Please dear Madloader could you put decrypted monster hunter generations or decrypted monster hunter 4 ultimate

  373. dragonichaven says:

    Toriko Gurume Monsters 3ds cia

  374. shark says:

    dear moderators i have a question why you not allowing my request for decrypted monster hunter generations i didnt demanded it like just now i wanted to tell them that i will be intresting if they decrypt these game and i think a lot of people would too

    • dragonichaven says:

      why don’t you just get a custom firmware it easy and toke me maybe an hour or 2 tops and then you can install .cia games

  375. shark says:

    Request : Monster Hunter Generations decrypted 3ds

  376. Victor says:

    Dear Mad Loader,
    Would you upload Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns (Decrypted 3DS Rom)..? please
    Thank you very much =)
    Have a nice Day ya !

  377. Monicle_m8 says:

    Request: Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia CIA
    PLZ And Thank You I

  378. Kevin says:

    Can you please put more legit USA cias on this website please

  379. Danielgamer1998 says:

    Hi! Just looking to the future, could you please upload Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia (3ds decrypted) when it comes out un english? Thanks

  380. aswindhurai says:

    plz upload halos 4 reloaded for pc

  381. Aslin says:

    plz upload halos 4 reloaded for pc

  382. Aros says:

    Rune Factory 4 (CIA & Decrypted)
    would be nice πŸ™‚

  383. kay says:

    plz upload professor layton VS Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney (3DS,japanese)

  384. james says:

    monster hunter double cross (CIA)

  385. plz upload Alien vs Predator 2 for pc

  386. Amalnur says:

    Can you upload this game
    Game : Silent hill homecoming corepack
    Platform : pc
    Size : 2.5gb
    and can you split by parts.thanks

  387. Amanur1998 says:

    Can you upload this game
    Game : Silent Hill Homecoming Corepack
    Platform : PC
    Size : 2.5gb
    And can you split it by parts.Thanks

  388. Dasper says:

    Please upload this game
    Game : Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity
    Platform : Nintendo 3DS
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  389. arifzentrix says:

    Game Name: Digimon world re:ditize decode
    Region : jpn
    Platform :3ds
    Rom Type (Format):decrypted

  390. arifcool says:

    Maybe will bit to much for asking for JPN rom but if you have time, please add them.

  391. arifcool says:

    Maybe will bit to much for asking for JPN rom but if you have time, please add them.

    Game Name: Digimon RE:Digitize decode
    Region : JPN
    Platform :3ds
    Rom Type (Format):decrypted

  392. tedi says:

    Please upload fire emblem awakening dlc cia

  393. Miyoshi says:

    Please upload Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia USA version with decrypted format. Thank you in advance.

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