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Metroid Prime Hunters (NDS Rom)

Based on the stunning 3D revision of the Metroid Prime Hunters series by Retro Studios, Hunters features first-person action controlled largely with the DS stylus. The game also features multiplayer gameplay....


Golden Sun Dark Dawn (NDS Rom)

Nintendo’s classic role-playing game series branches out with a new look, countless adventures and heroic battles. At the end of Golden Sun Dark Dawn, the heroes succeeded in bringing the...


Scribblenauts (NDS)

Scribblenauts goes by the concept, “Anything you write, you can use.” The hero Maxwell has the power to utilize items in levels called Starites which allow him to later spawn...


Metal Slug 7 (NDS)

Six of the finest soldiers alive set out once again to brave a hellstorm of bullets in the seventh entry of Metal Slug 7 , the popular run-and-gun videogame franchise!...


Iron Man 2 (NDS)

Based on the sequel to the blockbuster movie, Iron Man 2 features a refined game engine to give players an entirely new and enhanced gameplay experience. Battle classic Marvel enemies...


Dementium II (NDS)

The second chapter in this horrific, story-based action series, Dementium II promises to take players even closer to the precipice of madness than its predecessor. Continuing the storyline from the...