Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS)

Mad Loader

I am a Game freak and i will try my best to fullfill your frekest level of Game Expectation .

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130 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    Second part link is broken (file not found)

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    if that would be ok. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to
    new posts.

  3. Wolf says:

    links/files are no longer available (files not found)

  4. madloader says:

    Download Link Fixed.

  5. new says:

    The file is no longer available for link 2

  6. new says:

    link2 and 3 are not available anymore, please fix8

  7. darcy rowey says:

    the download link 1 2 and 3 is no longer available fix it please

  8. darcy rowey says:

    ask how to compress all of this part?? answer please

  9. lllaam says:

    Is it possible to upload it again please ? it’s down, thank you

  10. babipig says:

    all links/files are no longer available (files not found)

  11. arun says:

    none of the links are working please fix it

  12. dio leorna says:

    Link are not available….Im Already download 2 parts and part 3 was missing

  13. Paul Odhi says:

    Download Link are dead……please update sir….

  14. Robin says:

    Recheck link pls link die again

  15. WesGaming says:

    The download link is broken

  16. AtlasGaming says:

    Links already broken, man mega likes to take links down fast!

  17. masterned says:

    Hey, can you make a tutorial on how to play these games? Like where do I put them on my SD card and where do I find them from my 3DS, because right now I can’t!

  18. OneAboveAll says:

    Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire All Link broken… fix please…

  19. ONEABOVEALL says:

    Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire all download link is broken

  20. ONEABOVEALL says:

    Download Link are dead……please update sir….

  21. eViL says:

    Link 2 broken

  22. Adam says:

    Can’t find a link that works for part 3

  23. Dom says:

    Once I download the files, what do I do? Extract them all at once or one by one or what?

  24. Arrow says:

    How to download emulator for pc win7 32 bit?

  25. Myx says:

    Thanks madloder

  26. Amaan Biju says:

    I can’t see any download button on any link you gave………
    Please help!

  27. hello-lo-lol-ol-ol says:

    Link 3 Doesn’t work, doesn’t download! HELP!

  28. Menriel says:

    For future downloaders to open extract first part and your device will ask you to continue and search/browse for the second part, so on so forth, to download just scroll down and download , you will be transported to link(s) site now the mirror link to download with the check on it now your good to go enjoy. BTW I’m not madloader, just in case the links are not working you could email me ([email protected]) I will give you mediafire links only because I know how it feels that you been searching for 3ds game that it isn’t being sold anymore in your local game store or gadget shop.

  29. dan says:

    guys can u give me the link for the emulator

  30. dan says:

    guys can u give me the link for the emulator.already downloaded the rom but not the emulator

  31. ThunDeR says:

    link 2 is broken plz fix

  32. fitz says:

    Download link broken bro

  33. sakamoto says:

    link 2 is corrupt please fix it

  34. Đoàn Ngọc Nhân says:

    tải xong 3 tập tin và làm sao để chơi

  35. Đoàn Ngọc Nhân says:

    Should not 3ds emulator

  36. Kai Rosa says:

    how do you get the password for the win.rar.

  37. Adib says:

    can u give me the 3ds emulator for android.plsssss

  38. poep says:

    its saying password is incorrect invalid password but i wrote madloader.com

  39. Drez says:

    The Emulator asks me that i have to decrypting it before using , i dont know how to :c

  40. santaclauseats games says:

    use a 3ds to cia converter but you can look up a div on that

  41. santaclauseats games says:


  42. peop says:

    what is the best download option? or do i download all of them?

  43. Yatharth says:

    Please provide a 3ds emulator

  44. Shadoo says:

    Yo I love pokemon!!!

  45. Fabian Jäger says:

    Password “madloader.com” doesnt work!!

  46. umesh says:

    Thank for the rom sir.. can u tell me how to play this game on pc.. and which emulator is best for it..

  47. tanjir says:

    Is it works

  48. pokelover says:

    madloader.com as the password does not work for part 2. I have tried redownloading it multiple times! please help!

  49. Austin says:

    MultiUp Link 3 is broken

  50. pokemonaddict says:

    Please how to open that 3 files? Please answer me.

  51. Grey Pokedri says:

    Thank you so much for this. I just have one questions please. I downloaded both parts just in case the ilnk goes down but I dont know how to install it. I dont have homebrow or ANY hacks so please no hacks. Thank you so much and have a great day.

  52. Andre says:

    how do you run the game, emulator? if so, what emulator? pls help

  53. Sean O Connell says:

    could someone tell me a emulator that works here please to run this aye down loadded the one everyone is talking about but dosent work here

  54. Pikachu says:

    rar 2 passaword please

  55. Tejas Gawde says:

    Madloader you are the best. I can download both the parts but after the download what to do?

  56. Mark Roskams says:

    Password on part 2 doesn’t work 🙁

  57. Mattie says:

    Hey madloader are there only 2 parts to download ?

  58. Sora says:

    it’s not decrypted yet!!!

  59. angelo says:

    link 2 is not found why?

  60. angelo says:

    the part 2 when extract says that data error :wrong password

  61. Dizzie says:

    Nope. defo can’t extract part 2: wrong password

  62. boan says:

    What emulator use?

  63. Does not work. madloader.com does not work as password for second file. Multiple attempts. Says there is data error. Further, what do you even do once you have the files? They don’t open in Desume

  64. roslan says:

    all link not working anymore…..please fix it

  65. Dath says:

    please help me, i need a nintendo 3ds emulator, help please i want to play this game

  66. Anything_Random says:

    Part 2 password madloader.com doesnt work on all links

  67. Maddy says:

    I have part 2 but then also the game Pokemon ruby is not working

  68. Yaya says:

    part 2 link is not wroking

  69. jude says:

    how can i use the 3ds file i downloaded in my nintendo 3ds

  70. john kenneth says:

    (File not found)

  71. Gemini Lim says:

    what is the password in rar?

  72. alsu says:

    hello so i downloaded 2 parts now what should i do?

  73. flether says:

    can somebody tell me that what is diffrence between part 1 and part 2??

  74. natsutoba says:

    need link 3ds

  75. omkardeo says:

    link 1 n 2 not working plz fixed it up

  76. omkardeo says:

    link 1 n 2 not working

  77. Big says:

    what is the password for part 2 … madloader.com didn’t worked… please help

  78. yuv says:

    i cant download the file

  79. nukemon says:

    hi, is this compatible with sky3ds+? i have no means of running regionthree / four exploit. my region is eur. thanks

  80. Ivonix says:

    Can you help me….? I have done the file unrar. I have puted right password too….but it is telling that the is corrupted or password is wrong……what can I do please help me

  81. picapi says:

    I downloaded and extracted. But, when I try to load the .3ds file with Citra, it says “could not determine system mode”.

    Any solution?

    Thank you.

  82. Danny says:

    When I press the download button , it brought to a advertised page, what should I do , I want this game really bad

  83. Souradip says:

    can you tell where i can get 3ds emulator for windows 7 ultimate(32bit)

  84. Njaga F. says:

    Does this work on fasthax because when I downloaded it did not work and is this a legal file

  85. NEL says:

    why is the other rom 1.8 gb ?

  86. “Muchos Gracias for your blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.”

  87. Shamar says:

    Why they won’t let me download

  88. Al Sah Him says:

    the extraction of the part 2 does not work. He says wrong password, you can control?

  89. desmond says:

    buddy I m unable to download the files…plzz help

  90. dave xd says:

    me too i cant download it

  91. Samuel says:

    this is very good

  92. marc says:

    is the file really works fine?

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