Pokemon Y (Decrypted 3DS Rom)

Mad Loader

I am a Game freak and i will try my best to fullfill your frekest level of Game Expectation .

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75 Responses

  1. How do i even Install This to the Emulator?

  2. Kevin says:

    did it works ?

  3. erkin says:

    This does not work for me with Citra. Giving pages of:

    [ 11.287837] Debug.Emulated core\hle\svc.cpp:SVC::Break:414: Break reason: PANIC

    Any other way to play this?

  4. hao says:

    there is no download link

  5. nathan says:

    its funny game

  6. nathan says:

    its funny game

  7. no-one says:

    Found the download link however supposed password for the RAR link is not working – just loads main site page again with no new details
    because found download trying to run pgm
    no key to open file however seems most real… very sad

    • Reaper says:

      The password for the file to unlock it is as it says, “madloader.com” it isn’t a link but the password itself

  8. Michael says:

    Where is part one of this file?

  9. pedro says:

    hi i have this game and i have sky3ds+ it works but in the first gym i win gym leader and it stop pokemon y and x the same you now how i can pass this error

  10. Nyano says:

    Hey it tells me the file is corrupted! i can’t even extract the file… anyway to fix this? can’t wait to play this game 🙂

    • Mad Loader says:

      Maybe When you download the file,file was error or broken.
      Please Download again and try again.
      It should be work.
      Get WinRAR ,Hear (if you dont have),and right click on the first part,
      the number 1,2 or 3, and click ” Extrack here”. Now, it should pack them together.

  11. Nyano says:

    Hey it tells me the file is corrupted! i can’t even extract the file… anyway to fix this? can’t wait to play this game 🙂
    I wanna see your awesome work on this !

  12. Fez says:

    Downloaded the latest Citra build (for Mac OS X) and loaded the file but I’m getting two black screens and no progress. The game isn’t executing. Any fixes?

  13. aditya says:

    hey guys that download button is not working what should i do ???? i clicked on it several times but it doesnt start downloading the file plz tell me what should i do because i really really wanted this game

  14. aong says:

    I don’t have password

  15. fadil says:

    link emulator please.

  16. Henrique says:

    The FilesUpload.org’s link is off, but the other ones still working. Thanks for the roms. 😀

  17. vic says:

    is this work?

  18. cyril says:

    wheres the link

  19. Sam says:

    whats the password? Or how do I get it?

  20. Sam says:

    I now have the game but everytime I try to load it in citra it doesn’t work?

  21. chord says:

    It stopped after the character creation, anyone can help?

  22. jesse says:

    the passwords not working.it says wrong password

  23. cybernono says:

    not working with citra :s
    do you have any help for use it?

  24. Arpit says:

    Thanks for the file 🙂

  25. Ikhwan says:

    Howvto download

  26. wendel says:

    why it cant download maybe you can send me the file pls ?

  27. Faheem says:

    It was working brilliantly untill Sycamore talked about starting my adventure.Then the screen blacked out and did not recover.Any sugestions?

  28. gabe says:

    whenever i load it on my citra edge emulator its only blak screen and nothing happens

  29. aw says:

    can you tell me in which language the rom is

  30. ShadowSpark says:

    Can u upload pokemon rumble blast i wana download it but upload devrypted rom pleae

  31. Nick says:

    All the links just send me to some advertisement. Am i hitting the wrong links?

  32. filipino girl says:

    it doesn’t work

  33. Frustrated says:

    Everything redirects to ads.

  34. Prathamesh says:

    Why does the usercloud link always get expired?

  35. Prathamesh says:

    Do other links even get expired after one day?

  36. Prathamesh says:

    Add an link to mega please. Its really convenient with mega app.

  37. Prathamesh says:

    Tell me do all download links expire?

  38. Asrith says:

    the link is not working now. Please fix it

  39. damning says:

    how to download sir?…

  40. Andy says:

    theres only japanese language I guess, can’t select any like english or german…

  41. armer says:

    Tell any emulator please which works

  42. A88s says:

    What da fuck?? It’s in japanese

  43. TheCoolKid says:

    umm, the game’s working but its japanese!! i don’t know what to do in the first screen even! please help

  44. alamin says:

    i downloaded the file and opened it using winrar there is only one huge file with pokemon y on it when i extract it it is only 35 mb in size where are the other files

  45. mrmeem says:

    how many files are inside the rar because I got just three files a 3ds file the HTML file and one txt is it normal

  46. Hayashi says:

    Is this one the latest version (V1.5) ?

  47. Harvee says:

    the link is not working huhu

  48. Unknown says:

    I kinda got a problem:
    everytime i want to play this game with the latest citra version (Nightly Build) it stuck after you created your character, the screen goes black and nothing happends anymmore.
    Is this a problem caused by the game or by Citra but i can play pokemon moon or other games without problem

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