Pokemon Red Version (3DS eShop)

Mad Loader

I am a Game freak and i will try my best to fullfill your frekest level of Game Expectation .

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  1. John Winchester says:

    Ok so I did exactly what was described, but when I open up the Red version, the “Nintendo 3DS” logo just hangs and sits there forever. This happens in both miniPasta and Gateway Emunand. Is this a bug? This happens with Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green. Or is it just me?

    • John Winchester says:

      Never mind. I found out how to get Red, Blue, and Yellow to work. Please follow these directions.

      1. Open up Big Blue Menu or DevMenu.
      2. Install the .cia files for Red, Blue, or Yellow.
      3. Close Big Blue Menu.
      4. Open up the System Settings (this will cause you to be in Sysnand if you are in Emunand after closing System Settings).
      5. Go to Data Management.
      6. Go to Nintendo 3DS.
      7. Go to Software.
      8. Delete Red, Blue, or Yellow.
      9. Close System Settings by going back and then closing it.
      10. Boot back into Emunand or where ever you installed Big Blue Menu or DevMenu on.
      11. Go to Nintendo EShops.
      12. Search for “Pokemon Red”, “Pokemon Blue”, or “Pokemon Yellow” and look for your version you downloaded (should be English).
      13. From then on, “Pokemon Red”, “Pokemon Blue”, or “Pokemon Yellow” should have a “Tap to redownload” or “To Redownload Screen” option where there used to be the blue “Tap to purchase” option.

      If this doesn’t work then there’s probably something wrong. Either you haven’t downloaded the correct .cia files or you aren’t in Emunand. Though I’m not sure if this works if you just install it via miniPasta and then do those steps and redownload it after that. I’m not sure. You can try if you want.

  2. sman says:

    For those who got stuck at 3ds logo after install these game, open your savedatafiler and search for these game then press R+X to delete its secure value then press X to revert to factory setting. Now you should have no problem playing these game.

  3. sman says:

    Install using FBI v2.3.1.

  4. Michael says:

    Link offline

  5. flash193 says:

    Link Dead !!!!!!!

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