Luigi’s Mansion 2 (Decrypted 3DS Rom)

Mad Loader

I am a Game freak and i will try my best to fullfill your frekest level of Game Expectation .

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4 Responses

  1. Thei says:

    How to download?

  2. lalu says:

    i was download this one, but it doesn:t work
    have a solution?

  3. MadLoader Helper says:

    Whoever wants to download I will Tell U
    *First of all don’t download ANYTHING Exept the file I told you about.
    Then Once u get to the place scroll down and u will see multible places too download.
    Click on the site that says “ click that.
    Then you will see a “reCAPTCHA Click the checkbox.
    Then Click The Download Button,
    Okay Then You Have To Wait Something Like 2 Hours For The File to download, I don’t Know why though.

    So if you want to download this it’s kinda link installing cp revolution if you don’t know what that is I will just tell you how to install.


    Okay Once The File Finished Downloading UnZip The file, Or Just open it and take the files out of the folder on your computer.

    Now Take Your SD Card and put it in your computer.

    The files you downloaded, drag it into your sd card to do it just select one of the files and do this short cut
    Then do this short cut

    Then find your sd card on your computer it will say something like this (3ds) or (External Drive)
    Click that
    Then do this short cut
    Then you will see the files in that folder or (External Drive)
    Then Your all set!
    Then Take the SD card out and put it into your 3ds

    Installing On 3ds

    Once you put your sd card into your 3ds it will say something like this “A New Program Has Arrived then click the open button.
    it will be luigis mansion 2 click download or install button.
    Then KA-BOOM You have luiguis mansion 2

    *If This Worked For You Like it Did for me Reply to Me Saying “Did It!)

    Also if you have any questions just reply to this comment bye!

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