Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition (Decrypted 3DS Rom)

Mad Loader

I am a Game freak and i will try my best to fullfill your frekest level of Game Expectation .

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63 Responses

  1. Hiratsuki says:

    Hello. Thanks for decrypted versions but. Please, can decrypt EUR version?

  2. Exogu says:

    What does ”Decrypted Version” means???pliss and thanxs.

  3. Anzor says:

    It works nicely on Citra! Tanks a lot!

  4. John says:

    Help it keeps giving me an error saying wrong password.

  5. Help says:

    Why are there 2 parts?

  6. dd says:

    doesnt look special edition to me

    it has only brithright

  7. Alex says:

    link is down

  8. vincent says:

    what is the password for part and part 2…?

  9. A note -_- says:

    eeem, image three is most certainly not fates, its awakening, easy mistake, they’re both for 3ds and fates has a dlc for an awakening map, but the chars in that dlc are green, also miriel virion and vaike aren’t in the dlc in fates, pls fix XD

    • A note -_- says:

      also, the “password” in the password box on the site leads right back round to the homepage, if we have to register, just put that then the link, if the password has changed please say, someone before me posted on november the 1st about the password and as far as I can see you have only replied once, please give either of us a reply about this, thank you.

  10. Nick says:

    How do you use both parts at once? From what I know, you can only play 1 file at a time in Citra, so do I need to combine them somehow?

    • Mad Loader says:

      Maybe When you download the file,file was error or broken.
      Please Download again and try again.
      It should be work.
      Get WinRAR ,Hear (if you dont have),and right click on the first part,
      the number 1,2 or 3, and click ” Extrack here”. Now, it should pack them together.

  11. ZettaiZero says:

    need help after i loadfile this game it doesn’t work it only gives a black screen then on the cmd prompt it says ” OpenGL READ framebuffer check failed , status 8CDC ” please help me

  12. kolin says:

    I download game today and the latest crita emulator but it not work very well 🙁 game movies is run too slow also battle moments and menu run too fast 🙁

  13. Moobs says:

    Any chance you could do a version with all dlcs installed?

  14. SacredChaos says:

    Will you be decrypting a version with the DLC ?

  15. FlowersOfSakura says:

    Can you do the Euro version + DLC in decrypting for Fates and Awakening, please ? ^^

  16. Kai says:

    Which of the links is best when using IDM?

  17. anon says:

    In case somebody cares, you can easily undub this game for citra by extracting the rom with HackingToolkit3DS, pasting the serenesforest undub files and rebuilding it

  18. K says:

    Has the password been updated recently? Part one unpacked fine, but I’m experiencing an error with part 2. Thank you!

    • M says:

      Hi. I just downloaded it and when extracting, make sure you highlight both files and then right click and click extract. Then use the pass and it worked fine for me.

  19. Magesty says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for uploading this!
    I have an issue with lag and super jittery/cracking voice acting. Is it Citra or the game? Do you know how I can go about fixing this?

  20. Fire says:

    the link for part 2 seems down. can you reupload it? thanks!

  21. Q says:

    I downloaded part 2 from UsersCloud when i try to unpack it, it says it’s not accepting the password

  22. De says:

    Kinda need help when it comes to using winRAR to extract the files. It says checksum error in encrypted file (file name) corrupt or wrong password, followed by unexpected end of archive for both part 1 and 2, and last but not least packed data checksum error in (file name) The volume is corrupt. And I am just trying to extract it. Am I missing something or a few steps. And if so can you list steps to launch it.

    • jaffar says:

      i got the same error too and i also dont know how to fix it, would be nice if we could get some help with this.

  23. Sarah says:

    Help? When I extract, theres only two things in the folder: Fire Info and Mad Loader – Android, 3DS, Pc. None can get into citra. When I try the Mad Loader one it says ‘rom not suported.’

  24. kl says:

    Please can you decrypt Special Edition Undub+ (Undubbed) DLC? Thanks!

  25. Jaffar says:

    when i download part 2 i dont get it as a winrar file but as a executable file which supposedly downloads it but it doesnt

  26. Meowtastic says:

    When i load d file on citra it opens but stays as a dark screen. It isn’t working…

  27. Luckytiger says:

    Funcionando perfeitamente,obrigado!

  28. AArticuno3 says:

    Getting to S rank support doesn’t work, the game crashes.. Any help?

  29. Rac says:

    When i try to extract the file it keeps on saying error code 3 using unrar

    • Mad Loader says:

      Get WinRAR ,Hear (if you dont have),and you have to download all the part of the game first and put them in one folder then right click on the first part,
      the number 1,2 or 3, and click ” Extrack here”. Now, it should pack them together.

  30. Ray says:

    i don’t know which file on any site i should download because with the file from whatever extractor i have downloaded it always says theres problem with the file.

  31. Ty says:

    I don’t have windows so what program should i download

  32. ankush says:

    the usercloud part 2 ver is no longer available

  33. Fate says:

    Usercloud part 2 link is down , can you reupload part 2?

  34. Gear5 says:

    part 2 usercloud down , reupload please thx

  35. lib says:

    The second link in the Userscloud set is down. >.<;

  36. Levin says:

    link for part 2 is missing

  37. Levin says:

    for part 2, it says here The file you are trying to download is no longer available

  38. lily says:

    part 2 is missing

  39. Guest says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  40. asdf says:

    Thank you SOOOOOO much!!!!

  41. Blendin Blondan says:

    Works good, thanks for this. Just a question though, is it possible to randomize this version? The files for the randomizer I found aren’t accessable, but it would be so cool if there was a way to randomize the rom.

  42. An Katores says:

    password is wrong
    and also don’t understand t6he “the number 1,2 or 3, and click ” Extrack here”-Part

  43. ran says:

    the link were down

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