Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia (3DS)

Mad Loader

I am a Game freak and i will try my best to fullfill your frekest level of Game Expectation .

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12 Responses

  1. Multi says:

    Umm the rom is white at my emunand screen and my 3ds can’t load it. What should I do?

  2. Nacho says:

    Hey i’ve tried to use this rom with citra edge but the game goes too slow. How can i fix it? thanks

  3. Nacho says:

    by slow i mean that the videos are in slow mo and also when i go into battle it gets blurry

  4. Freeman says:

    Dear MadLoader I just want to tell you this great FE game DONT WORK with SKY3DS+.
    I don’t know why,my card is updated to Gè 130,my old 3ds console is updated to latest re.
    Just to let you know,same thing with Azure Stryker Gunvolt SP,and Mario Tennis Open ((online ready)).
    I’m not an absolute beginner,I’ve got my exp in hack scene
    Please let me know something

  5. daveman426 says:

    Yeah, I’ve got a problem like some1 higher when I try to select only a white square appears and the rom doesn’t select, would be cool if u would test the rom b4 posting it :/

  6. Jojo Bizarre says:

    Tried playing on Sky3ds+ (No Homebrew). Does not show up when cycling thru with orange button, then I put my microsd back into my computer and the file has been changed to Fire Emblem Echoes – Shadows Of Valentia.3ds.bad file. Can the untouched retail usa rom be uploaded please?

  7. - says:

    it doesn’t run on gateway 3ds either
    i also get a white square

  8. molor says:

    i tried it with my gatewait 3ds card but it didn’t work, i got the white square problem too.

  9. DragK says:

    Hey im using gateway but I cant load it for some reason.The game shows up as a white square at my emunand screen and after loading the game doesnt start

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