Legit Super Smash Bros EUR – Online Patched (3DS Legit CIA)

Mad Loader

I am a Game freak and i will try my best to fullfill your frekest level of Game Expectation .

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34 Responses

  1. USofKawaii says:

    will this work for the 3ds usa region?

  2. Carlos says:

    Links Broken, You can upload again please

  3. Yesi says:

    work for the 3ds USA region! using HANS!! 😀


  4. Charlie Parker says:

    Where do i put the file just straight in the SD card or somewhere in the 3DS file

  5. josh says:

    usercloud is down

  6. Faez says:

    Thank You soo much MadLoader…KEEP THIS WORK UP
    anyway,if this game have an update,can i update it? will my 3ds get ban? online patched work?

  7. Frootluips says:

    Usercloud link part 1 is down

  8. paoq says:

    i dont know why but the password is not working… :/

  9. am i supposed to get cia p1 and p2 to make this work

  10. jamal says:

    can this play on citra emulator wen converted to cci

  11. Ashudow says:

    Is this for European consoles? Cause in the title it says EUR but in the specs, it says USA

  12. maephisto says:

    can you play online with this or do you risk ban?

  13. brucy says:

    this is so legit. 100% free iphone 3d

  14. Dakota says:

    does this have all dlc?

  15. Dakota says:

    does this have all dlc?

  16. Cyril ZNavi says:

    UsersCloud link broken please fix

  17. Dawaan says:

    How do i install the update? because my download keeps on crashing when i go to classic, smash run, it crashes no matter what i do? plz help immeadeatly 🙁

  18. TrevTV says:

    Please get a USA version please

  19. italian_boys says:

    hello first user link is dead could you fix it please

  20. italian_boys says:

    hello usercloud link1 is broken , can u fix it please

  21. The first link’s expired..could you please re-post a non expired version?

  22. Sergio Gonzalez says:

    Can you please show us how to play in usa region without cfw on 11.2

  23. Amin H says:

    Do i click super smash bros part 1 or two?

  24. chris says:

    userscloud part1 is down

  25. Plz says:

    Can u get a link between worlds

  26. jesus says:

    the cia works in usa console without cfw and without hans? sorry for the disturbances and thanks in advance

  27. ana says:

    the title of the page says eur but in the description says usa region ? this cia work in usa or eur console?

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